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Mission statement: It’s our goal to help those in need to help themselves and others.

Hand Up is a faith-based program that provides assistance to families and individuals in need of assistance during times of crisis when adversities are great and life challenges become overwhelming. While in the midst of overwhelming circumstances, often times a Hand Up is needed to pull individuals and families through and out of situations that challenge them. The program offers a variety of services to help individuals and families with furnishing, structuring and stabilizing their households. 

 Homeless families as well as individuals seeking freedom from addictions are given assistance with finding affordable housing, financial counseling, money management, budgeting and group support. We believe that the principals of their ownership are vital to building integrity, accountability, strong family values and work ethics. The principle of ownership is strictly enforced and is essential to every individual and family achieving their desired success. Adopting the principles of ownership is key to a stable life. 

Respect Yourself




Founder Apostle Rose Cain along with a staff of licensed Certified PHD Counselors, Special Needs Educator, Financial Advisor and Licensed Ministers have worked steadfastly to stabilize individuals' lives, families, and homes.

For the past 15 years Respect Yourself family outreach has successfully worked with families strengthening and empowering parents and children to work peaceably with one another by learning to use various forms of communication to bring about family harmony. 

Founder/Overseer Rose Cain; Roberta Monsanto Reed licensed Minister and Accountant.


A family values program teaching structure for everyday living above a plight of vulnerability. Outreaching to target homeless and displaced

families who are forced to raise their families in homeless shelters, motels, temporary housing and on the streets. These families who are often moved from place to place and from shelter to shelter are robbed of the opportunity to become stable, making them the most vulnerable in our communities and society. It is the lack of acquired life skills to become stable which perpetuates their vulnerability. Our goal is to offer step by step hands on mentorship and free counseling which would help remedy this cycle.

S.H.E. is a woman's ministry designed to teach women their self-worth in God. 

In this arm of our community service, we teach women that they are S.H.E.

Saved: rescued from their present lifestyle and thought processes. 

Healed: being repaired daily from the scars of their past. 

Empowered: given strength to overcome the past and power to create a new future in God.

S.H.E. is taught in four (4) modules. Each module is taught over six (6) weeks.

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